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In addition to being a recognized expert in the orchestra industry, Mr. McManus is the proprietor and author of the highly successful new media outlet Adaptistration; the only weblog dedicated to issues about the orchestra business, whihc he founded in 2003. Since that time, he has grown the platform into a venerable network of sites that provide a wealth of singular information and services geared toward the field of performing arts.


“Practical tips, tricks, and pointers for getting things done as an arts manager.” Founded in 2014, is the result of good old fashioned necessity; up until the time of its launch, the field of nonprofit performing arts administration has been awash in a sea of theory and visioning. There are new models aplenty and regardless of their value, they don’t amount to a hill of beans without implementation.

Simply put, forget the conceptual stuff, people just need to get stuff done.

Content is created by a group of dedicated arts admin experts who volunteer their time and expertise to help their fellow managers be even better at managing the arts.



In 2007 Mr. McManus founded the cultural blogging exchange , which hosts a variety of popular culture oriented new media outlets that cover nearly every aspect of the performing arts.

Drew McManus (c) Todd Rosenberg

Drew McManus, photo: Todd Rosenberg

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