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“Drew does a truly amazing job with his blog. Like nothing else I’ve seen in the field, he has opened up discussion and the light of day to classical music, particularly orchestras.” – Richard Kessler, Dean, Mannes College The New School for Music

Each month, more than 10,000 board members, managers, artists, and patrons visit Adaptistration to learn more about arts management and the orchestra business. Since its inaugural post on November 3rd, 2003, Adaptistration has quickly established itself as the “must read” online orchestra business column for managers, board members, musicians, and patrons and is regularly referenced throughout a wide array of traditional and new media outlets.

Having established itself as the only resource of its kind, Adaptistration not only serves to provide input on business issues but it also functions as a hub for interactive discussions, garnering a significant amount of commentary from its readers. consequently, Adaptistration has become a valuable reference resource for those wishing to learn about the business behind how orchestras operate.

Successfully balancing useful content creation for insiders and outsiders alike, the weblog serves as a light into the otherwise murky mystery that is orchestra management for both the novice and experienced. Over time Adaptistration has evolved from an informal hub for ideas into a powerhouse of meaningful discussion. Furthermore, it has grown into becoming the single largest free source for creative new solutions to the problems which face orchestras today.

Visit Adaptistration today and find out why thousands of readers have made it a daily stop on their internet travels.

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