Business Philosophy

There has never been a better time to be in the business. ~ Drew McManus

Debt, shrinking audiences, and rising expenses. These are the issues which plague too many of today’s orchestras, small and large. For many organizations, these are the issues which consume their day to day work efforts and distract the institutional stakeholders. In light of such seemingly overwhelming forces, many organizations are reverting to drastic stopgap measures in order to slow the decline; however, there are almost always other options. The arts have always been – and continue to be – a remarkably viable product capable of making a strong connection with audiences. Unfortunately, a great deal of media attention throughout the nation has declared that the arts are less and less relevant and there’s simply no longer any demand for what arts organizations deliver.

Fortunately, this prognosis couldn’t be farther from the truth.

For a variety of reasons, many organizations have been the victim of inefficient and stagnant business practices. They spend a great deal of time and resources identifying external forces as the root of their problems, when in fact, they should be spending those same resources toward the sincere challenge of examining internal forces. As tensions increase artists, managers, and board members have been engaged in increasingly hostile battles over the solutions to their mutual problems. With every new conflict, a partisan mentality increases and organizations move farther away from discovering their win-win solutions. Mr. McManus maintains a distinctive philosophy which is founded in the confidence that the win-win scenario is always obtainable. As such, he is well suited to help move organizations away from these slowly destructive cycles and identify options which unite organizations toward their individual goals. Leadership, vision, and a dedication to core competencies lie at the heart of future success. Drew McManus can help your organization realize its potential and become cultural leaders in your community.

Drew McManus (c) Todd Rosenberg
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