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Composer Christopher Theofanidis and Drew McManus

Composer Christopher Theofanidis and Drew McManus

In April, 2006, Mr. McManus had the honor of moderating a discussion panel for NewMusicBox’s, Orchestra Summit 2006. The panel consisted of six individuals, each representing a different group of stakeholders involved with the creation, programming, and performance of new orchestral music. The discussion itself tackled a number of contentious issues and sparked several debates between panelists.

NewMusicBox’s Molly Sheridan and Lyn Liston transcribed the entire discussion and Randy Nordschow is responsible for the video presentation. The two options provide an entirely entertaining version of the discussion panel; one offering full details of what was said by each individual and the other offering a multimedia presentation edited down to four practical segments.

Watch the video and read the transcript at NBX.

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